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Eye Care is Important to enjoy your Diwali

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Diwali is a festival of lights that brings light into our lives. Eye care is essential during Diwali .Dr Rupesh Agarwal, an emergency eye care specialist at the L V Prasad Eye Institute states "Fire cracker-related eye injuries could cause serious and irreparable damage to one's vision. Adults and Children can prevent firecracker injury to their eyes by playing safely with firecrackers".

Many people can get chronic eye infections, the repercussions of cracker burning at the time of Diwali can be so serious sometimes that some people end-up getting either partial loss of vision or even permanent loss of vision. Thus, it is extremely important that you should take care of your eyes on Diwali. One should take adequate caution at the time of burning crackers.

The  smoke that is produced from the burning of cracker can harm one’s eyes and can cause many kinds of infections such as dryness in the eyes, Meibomian gland dysfunction and so on, primarily in people who work a lot on computers and even those who are generally prone to infections in the eyes, otherwise also.  It is extremely important that such people should take extra care of their eyes.

Diwali crackers
Happy Diwali
Safety and accident prevention 
1.Crackers should be burst in open areas only.

2.Maintain safe distance while watching or bursting crackers.

3.Use a lengthy lighting stick so as to maintain safety.

 4.As much as possible use cotton clothes and avoid silky and synthetic fabrics.

5.Avoid rockets if there are huts and easily inflammable substance in the vicinity.

6.Kids should never be unattended – they must be under supervision all the time.

7.Avoid bursting of noise-producing crackers between 10 PM and 6 AM.

 8.Use protective glasses  or eye wear while bursting crackers.

 9.In the event of eye injury due to crackers, immediately wash your eyes with clean water and see an eye doctor at the earliest – NEVER SELF MEDICATE.

10.Opt for decorative lighting instead of bursting crackers. 


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